Why Studying Abroad in Segovia is For You

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Segovia – An attractive destination for  more than 2000 years

The city of Segovia, a UNESCO World Heritage site,  is a safe destination for a fun cultural study abroad experience. The capital of the province of Segovia, it is a city with warm and friendly people.  It is a cultural, touristic and educational place– a great location for both leisure and study.

Segovia is the Gateway to Castilla y León, the cultural heart of Spain. Here, Castillian Spanish is spoken.  Segovia boasts easy and inexpensive access to Madrid by both bus and high-speed train. Spain's capital city of Madrid holds treasures and additional adventures, and is an easy gateway to travel to the rest of Europe.

Segovia provides a more immersive experience with fewer competing programs in town.  A city buzzing with activity, Segovia is a university town with the public Spanish University of Valladolid and the international business university IE campus with a large population of students from around the globe.

Historically important since the Roman Empire, Segovia has played an important role in Spain’s history, including the large merino wool industry and is the place where Queen Isabel was crowned who later funded Christopher Columbus’ adventures to the New World.

Today, Segovia's monuments make the city an open-air museum, alive with history, art, music, nature, tradition, festivals, gastronomy and more!

Segovia is large enough for a full, fun experience, and small enough to feel like home.

GEO Segovia for a Rich, Cultural Experience

A Pioneering History

GEO Segovia has its roots in one of the first official study abroad programs in Spain.

In 1948, Don Felipe Peñalosa set up a program for foreign students in Segovia.  Students were first recruited from France, and later from other European countries and beyond, including the United States.  The program was successful from the beginning.

In 1996, American Heritage Association (AHA) International took over the program, to add Segovia to its other study abroad destinations.  In 2003, the school moved to its present location, a renovated 16th century building in the historic center of the city.  Many students from different midwest and northwest US universities participated in AHA's study abroad program in Segovia, and this continues today.  

In 2015, Global Education Oregon (GEO) was created as the exclusive study abroad program of the University of Oregon. Students from other US universities (GEO partner schools) also study abroad in Segovia, earning credits through the University of Oregon.

GEO Segovia Housing – Caring, experienced Host Families

Housing in Segovia is designed to help you experience the local culture of Spain, and to improve the speed of your growing language ability by living with a host family.  Your life with your host family gives you cultural insights that would otherwise be overlooked.  Segovia boasts over 300 experienced host families, many who have been hosting American students for many years.

Homestays in Segovia are carefully selected to fit your needs and interests.  Homes are located within walking distance of the GEO Center and local bus lines. Students have their own private bedroom and a shared bathroom. Linens, towels and light laundry are provided by your host family. Students are guaranteed three meals each day.

Immerse yourself into the daily life and routine of the household and experience Spanish cuisine and food culture as host families prepare all of your meals.  Culturally, mealtime in Spain is a very important time for family. You won't want to miss this special time with your family.

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GEO Segovia Academics – A Reputation for Excellence

The study abroad program in Segovia has existed for more than 70 years, and has highly experienced professors in all disciplines. Its dedicated staff has a “can do” attitude to provide students a safe and positive experience. Their creativity, visión and dedication are integral in keeping the program current with international education innovations.

There’s measurable language improvement by all students. Beyond improving their Spanish skills, students increase their self-confidence. 

GEO Curriculum – Experiences in and out of the Classroom

Programs throughout the Year
Each academic year there are three programs in Segovia:

  • Summer course – 6 weeks, beginning in June and ending in July/August
  • Spring course – 14 weeks, beginning in January and ending in April/May
  • Fall course – 14 weeks, beginning in September and ending in mid-December

(See Curriculum tab for a more detailed list and description of classes offered.)

Excursions around Spain
Each program includes excursions, both in and around Segovia as well as further afield. The sites and activities on these excursions complement your classroom studies, and provide a comprehensive experience of the Spanish culture and history.

(See the Beyond the Classroom tab for more detailed information.)

Conversation Partners help Build your Spanish Skills
In addition, part of the curriculum is having a conversation partner with local Spanish students from the University of Valladolid or army cadets at the Artilleria Academy. Discover the many things you have in common, learn more about Spain, its culture and people directly from Spaniards your age, and exchange information about you, the USA, American culture and people too.

Internships and Service Learning Opportunities give you Real World Experience
Opportunities for Internships and/or Service Learning experiences are offered in all the programs.Experience first-hand how businesses and non-profits work in Spain. Once you are in Segovia, you and the Director of GEO Segovia, Marian Rubio, will talk about your specific interests and your academic objectives to select the best fit for you. There are opportunities in areas of:
• Accounting & Finance
• Art & Music
• Charity & Non-profit Agencies (NGOs)
• Computer Sciences & Engineering
• Communication/Journalism
• Government/Political Science
• Medicine
• Retail Business/Marketing
• Sports
• Teaching/Education
• Tourism & Events

University of Valladolid  Direct Enrollment Opportunity
GEO Segovia has a special relationship with the University of Valladolid (UVA). To complement courses at the GEO Center, GEO students have the opportunity to enroll in courses at the University of Valladolid, Segovia campus, to study alongside Spanish university students.