Student Testimonials

"Last Tuesday I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Spanish at the University of Oregon’s GEO center in Segovia, Spain. I spent the last three months immersed in the beautiful city of Segovia with the most loving host mom, incredibly supportive professors and classmates who turned into family. I had the opportunity to expand my Spanish skills, teach English to elementary youth, and explore Spain’s historic cities. I encourage all of my first-generation peers to take a leap of faith and attend a study abroad fair, schedule an advising appointment, and apply to that scholarship. Neither of my parents had the opportunity to attend college, let alone travel abroad, so they vicariously lived through every picture I sent home. I will be returning to the University of Oregon in January to wrap up my Advertising major and Food Studies minor. Fall 2021 has been the most rewarding term of my college career, but I would not have been able to study abroad without the support of my scholarship donors who believe I am worth the investment."

- Melissa Torres-Durán, University of Oregon student

"I traveled places I never thought I would, met amazing people, learned so much about a different culture and language, and, most importantly, learned a lot about myself."

- Indiana State University student

"I love being in a small city. There is so much history here and so much to explore. The small town atmosphere is comforting and yet I’m still close to Madrid. Being in Segovia, I’ve been able to immerse myself fully in the culture and see the livelihoods of the people who live here."

University of Oregon student

"This may sound like a cliché, but my time in Spain was a life-altering experience.  I now have a more educated view of what’s ‘out there’ beyond our country’s borders, and I hope to use my new view to truly become a world citizen." 

- Western Oregon University student

"I love my friends and we all love our Spanish families so much!  We could tell that a lot of care was taken in reading our profiles and matching us with our families. We felt at home quickly because of this, and now we have an extended family for life."

- Central Michigan University student

"I love that Segovia feels normal to me and people walk everywhere in this city! I love the old architecture and the very European feel. It is an adjustment, but only a week in and I felt right at home and never wanted to leave."

- Central Michigan University student

"Having an internship allowed me to use, in a professional setting, the Spanish I had learned in class... I learned much more about Spanish culture and customs than I could have in university classes…this was a rewarding manner to expand and better my education."

- Southern Oregon University student


"Before this trip I was nervous. I thought classes would be extremely rigorous, I would get lost everyday and that I wouldn't make any friends. But I was completely wrong. Class is fun and interesting yet still challenges me in new ways. I love exploring and have made some great friends that I intend to keep for a long time after this trip."

- University of Oregon student

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