Meet our Dedicated Team

The GEO Segovia program has many advantages: its location, curriculum, extra-curricular activities, along with its veteran teaching faculty. They provide creativity, vision, and dedication in order to create an ideal academic experience. GEO faculty keeps up to date with respect to international education innovations, internships, new courses, and service-learning experiences.

GEO faculty includes eight professors, a site director (also a professor), and a site director's assistant. Each professor teaches one course per term.

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Marian Rubio Herrero

Site Director

Marian was born and raised in Segovia, and speaks Spanish, French and English. She holds University Degrees in Spanish Economics, Labor Law and Spanish Social Security. Her additional degrees include English and French. Marian is also an officially certified Tourism Guide for Spain in Spanish and English. Marian has been a GEO Segovia professor since 1996, and Site Director since 2004.

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José Ignacio García-Lomas 

“Pepe” was born in Madrid, and lives in La Granja de San Ildefonso in the province of Segovia. He holds a degree in Journalism, and a doctorate in Communication Sciences. He has been a published author in communications and media publications since 2015. In addition, he has been an academic tutor of business internships for students, and since 2016 has been on the Town Council of Torrecaballeros, a town in the province of Segovia. Pepe has taught GEO students since the Spring 2019.                                                        

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Maureen Beals 

Site Director Assistant

Maureen joined GEO in 2009.  She was born in Ohio, and grew up in Southern California. She holds a degree from the University of San Diego with post-graduate studies in bilingual education. Maureen was an exchange student in Guadalajara, Mexico, and a Faculty Secretary for the same program two years later.  She and her husband have lived in Segovia since 2004. 

Foto Elena Pealver 26-3-193074jpgElena Peñalver Barrios

Elena has degrees in History and Art History. She has been a GEO professor since 2002. She is a guide at the Riofrío and La Granja Palaces. She has also been a restorer of art works, including sculptures and fountains, and has taught art works restoration. Elena was born in Pamplona, Spain.

Eduardo Herrerín Torres

Eduardo ("Eddy") has a degree in Contemporary History. He teaches private classes of varying disciplines.  Eddy joined GEO in 2018.  He was born and raised in Segovia.

Foto Luis Prez 24-3-193075jpg

Luis Perez Asenjo

Luis holds degrees in Spanish Language and Arabic Language.  He has been a GEO professor since 2001.  Luis also teaches at the University of Valladolid, Segovia campus and at the Business University (IE) in Segovia.  In addition, he owns a school that offers extracurricular classes for students of all ages.  Luis was born in the province of Segovia.

Luis teaches Spanish Conversation and Grammar.

Cristina Otero

Cristina was born in Segovia. She holds a degree in Spanish Language with an emphasis on Spanish Literature. Cristina has been teaching since 2000. She has been teaching GEO students since the summer of 2016. She also teaches at IE, Segovia´s Business university.  

Foto Laura  Acueducto 29-10-19  3082jpg

Laura Arranz Bannon

Laura was born in Segovia, Spain. She holds degrees in  English Language and in Tourism.  She has taught students from 7 years old to adults, and has solid experience with university students.  In addition to being bilingual, Laura has the advantage of being bicultural, being both British and Spanish, and is very familiar with the US culture. Laura has taught at GEO since the summer of 2019.

Foto Eduardo Jurez Mar20193073jpg

Eduardo Juárez Valero

Eduardo holds a degree in Ancient and Medieval History and a doctorate in Medieval History. Eduardo has been a GEO professor since 2005. He is also a professor of History at the National University of Distance Education (UNED) in Madrid. Eduardo was born in La Granja de San Ildefonso, Spain.

Foto Mara Teresa Lpez 24-3-193080jpgMaria Teresa López 

 “Maite” was born in Madrid, and lives in La Granja de San Ildefonso in the province of Segovia. She holds a degree in Sociology with post-graduate studies in Corporate Social Responsibility, Advertising, and Internet Marketing. Her higher education studies include studying in Spain, Ireland and Scotland. Maite has taught GEO students since 2018.            

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